About college

The college employs a highly qualified teaching staff, including top-class teachers and methodist teachers. Our teachers guarantee quality education and an individual approach to each student.

The material and technical base is available to students: classrooms, library, reading and assembly halls, educational and production workshop, proving ground, programming room, mine automation room, laboratory of mining machines and complexes, laboratory of mining mechanics, mining electrical engineering, sport hall, dormitory, dining hall .

Thanks to the modern material and technical base, our students have the opportunity to research and learn in the latest conditions, which contributes to their

academic development.Our program includes a hands-on approach to learning, that allowing students to get real experience in their field.

The college provides safe conditions for students. Having its own shelters, where everyone can be during air alarms, guaranteeing security.

Speciality 184 "MINING"

Geotechnologies new! 
  • controller of enrichment products
  • mining technician
  • head of the station

Occupational Safety new!

  • safty insurance expert of occupational health
  • inspector of occupational health
  • expert of conditions work

Drilling wells new!  
  • master driller of the deep drilling
  • drilling engineer (of the drilling work)
  • driller (construction work)
Underground mineral development
  • mining technician
  • mining master
  • mining dispatcher

Operation and repair of mining electromechanical equipment and automatic devices.

  • electromechanical technician mining
  • mechanic of transport repair
  • electrician technician

Speciality 121 " Software engineering "

Software engineering

  • specialist in the development of computer programs
  • specialist of the information technology
  • specialist of the computer graphics

Cyber security and information protection new!

  • specialist in the organization of information security
  • specialist in risk analysis of information systems
  • specialist in the development of protected software

WEB-programming of information systems of small and medium-size businesses new!

  • specialist in the development of web-oriented software
  • front-end developer
  • WEB developer



Construction and operation of buildings and structures

  • technician of the labor regulation
  • technician-designer
  • construction technician

Speciality 075"Marketing"

Transport marketing and logistics

  • manager of the international transportation
  • manager of the transport logistics
  • marketer-logistic

Speciality 076" Entrepreneurship and trade"

IT Entrepreneurship new!

  • trade broker of the IT products
  • broker for buying and selling goods
  • technical specialist in the field of management

Trade management and logistics new!

  • broker (intermediary) of the purchase and sale of goods
  • stock exchange specialist
  • merchandiser

Commodity science and customs expertise

  • expert of the foreign economic issues
  • chief of service (organs of custom)
  • trade expert

Entrepreneurship and trade

  • Specialist of the methods of expansion sales markets
  • manager of the a small enterprise
  • economist of the pricing

Еconomy and organization of the hotel and restaurant business and tourism

  • organizer of the tourist and hotel activities
  • economist of the pricing
  • economist of the sales

Speciality 072" Finance, banking, insurance and stock market"

Finance, banking and insurance

  • broker of the collateral and financial operations
  • inspector of the tax service
  • credit inspect
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E-mail: cher.collage@gmail.com
Our website: dvnzchgek.edu.ua

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